We are still open!

Wow….what a crazy couple of weeks!

We hope that you’re all staying safe at home wherever possible and checking in with your loved ones - Whether it be a Skype/Zoom call, a phone call or a text; it really does go a long way and can brighten up their day!

We wanted to let you know that we are still operating and aiming to continue in sending your orders out as fast as we possibly can. 

Why, you ask? Boris has said to stay at home! We feel that we have a duty to keep your cars and vans running on the road, especially key workers to be able to get to and from their workplace safely. This does indeed mean that the MOT stations and garages are still operating as normal.

In order to operate safely here at Energized, we’ve split our team into remote workers and warehouse workers. Luckily for us, because we love each-other so much (queue the vomit sound), some of us actually live together therefore those that do are working together in the warehouse to send your orders til this all blows over and we can go back to normality!

Whether we’re managers, directors, warehouse operatives or IT staff, we are all pulling together as a team doing whatever is required but ensuring that we remain safe. We don’t believe in hierarchy, we believe in teamwork.

Please can we kindly ask you to allow an extra 24-48 hours on your estimated delivery date to be on the safe side - The courier network is still operating as normal but they too have had to streamline their team in order to keep on running.

We will keep you fully updated if anything changes :)

Please take care and try to see the positives during these tricky times. Always look on the bright side of life!


The Energized Team x