Hello lovely people! :D

For those of you that use the PayPal express button to pay for your order, you may come across a message that says 'update shipping method' when you've tried to proceed with your order and you find that you can't complete the transaction successfully.


Fear not! :)

Unfortunately, PayPal isn't very clear when you're at the checkout section. 

When you've logged in to Paypal, you should have a view that looks like this;



Although it appears it has been selected for you, I'm afraid it hasn't!

Please click the premiumrate_Yodel_Next_Day hyperlink :)

You will be visited by this view;


Here is where you select the service method that you'd like, and then press continue.

From here, proceed with the order as intended and the order will go through absolutely fine :)

Please make sure that all of your shipping details are filled out, including the county and postcode.

If the problem still persists, then please do come and speak to us on online chat, we're happy to help :)