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What are Car Wishbones or Track Control Arms?

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Labeled control arms for a vehicle

Car wishbones, suspension arms or track control arms (TCA’S) are a critical and integral part of your car or van’s suspension.

What are wishbones designed to do on a car?

Wishbones, suspension arms or Track Control Arms link your vehicles wheels and suspension with your vehicles chassis or body normally via a ball joint. They move upwards or downwards with the direction of travel of the suspension working in tandem with the shock absorber and spring to allow the suspension to absorb the road surfaces bumps, ruts or undulations. They can be found on the front wheel or rear wheel. They are used with independent suspension systems.

You will often find your car wandering or handling badly either under acceleration or braking when you need to replace your car wishbone or track control arm. This is normally due to worn bushes which are an integral part of the manufacture of the wishbone or track control arm. If you find this, its time to replace them.

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How much does it cost to replace a car wishbone or track control arm?

If your car has failed your MOT on a wishbone or track control arm, or you have inspected and found you need to replace it, you will find our prices are very competitive when compared with main dealers or your local garage.

A new wishbone or track control arm will restore your vehicle's handling, safety, and comfort at a fraction of the cost of a replacement from a main dealership. Don’t be fooled into thinking main dealer parts are superior to aftermarket parts. In most cases, aftermarket parts are re-engineered to counteract the poor initial design by the vehicles manufacturer.

Most car wishbones are made of steel, cast iron, or aluminium alloy. Please ensure you check which material your vehicle's wishbone is made from, before choosing which one to buy when sourcing your own car parts.

Other than suspension wishbones/ control arms, if your in need of any other vehicle spares don't hesitate to check our site and buy car parts online at our store.

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